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March 1 to March 31


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March is the start of the growing season but it is very dependent on the weather. Wild swings from mild sunny days to stormy skies bringing rain or snow. The good news is that for most of us we should see the grass and flowerbeds again after the long, snowy winter. March is the time to get serious about finalizing and ordering your seeds and getting some seeds started inside.


    Seed Starting

    The last frost date for most of us is sometime in May so March marks the magic 8 weeks before that date. Cool season vegetables like kales and chards can be started, so can many early cool season flowers and perennials. Learn the basics of seed starting indoors with our multipart Seed Starting videos that tell you why you should start from seed, the basic needs of the seed and what you need to get started – you can watch all 3 videos in less than 20 minutes too!:



    Cool Season Flowers

    Many of the old fashioned, cottage garden flowers that everyone loves to grow, enjoy the cool temperatures of spring to get started. Most of these will grow and flower in just a few weeks and they can be planted before the last frost, as well as started indoors.



  • Early Season Vegetables

    As soon as the worst of the winter cold has departed, the early spring vegetables can be put into the garden. For a head start get all these cool season vegetables started early in March so that they are ready to be put into the garden when the weather settles.



    Design a new Garden Space

    Looking out over the early spring landscape is a great time to think about designing a new element into your garden. Perhaps you would like to make a new kitchen garden or a new container garden. You can also design a garden that is dog friendly!



    Early Spring protection

    Even though the overall temperature is much milder in March, there are days when the temperature plummets. Having a few cloths to cover the tender vegetables can make the difference between the plant getting through a cold spell or not.



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