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April 1 to April 30


Discover what you should be doing right now.  Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.  

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April showers bring May flowers, so unless we get more really cold weather, gardeners will be outside weeding, tending to perennials and sowing warm weather seeds. Here are some things that, weather permitting, you should be doing in April.


    Transplant cool weather vegetables and flowers

    The cabbage and pea families both enjoy cool weather and they wilt when the hot summer arrives. Some flowers also enjoy cool temperatures and these all need to be planted early in the year so that they can be enjoyed in mild spring weather. Some of these can all be directly sown into the ground, others can be started indoor.


    Start your warm weather plants

    The bounty of summer harvest and colorful gardens relies on starting some of those plants indoors in April so that they mature in summer. Zinnias, begonias, tomatoes and peppers are just a few of the summer plants to get started now!


    Plant some Pollinators

    Pollinators are great for the vegetable garden but they are also important for providing nutrients to bees and butterflies. They are colorful too!


    The importance of bees and butterflies

    You have heard about the decline in the bee population, learn more about both bees and butterflies and their importance to the garden and about good plants to attract them.


    Catch those Weeds before they go to seed

    Spring is a great time in the garden but along with the emergence of our favorite perennials, the weeds also emerge. Many of the early weeds flower and go to seed in just a few weeks, so it is important to get them out of the garden as soon as they arrive. Having the right tools to weed effectively will make the chore fast and easy even if it is not fun.

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Gardening Tip of the Day

  • New gardeners can’t go wrong with annual flowers. Planted in average soil and deeply watered once a week, annuals will provide a summer’s worth of wonderful blooms. Started from seed or set out as transplants, these winners will really perform if a few inches of compost are worked into the soil before planting.

    Try wax-leaf begonia in partial shade. Cleome is perfect for the background where it gets full sun. Impatiens is wonderful in the shade. Lantana loves hot weather with flowers from yellow to orange to lavender. Torenia, or wishbone flower, is a relatively new ""toughie."" It grows best in partial shade loves heat. Zinnias are tough sun lovers that really put on a show in a variety of colors.