About Gift Cards

A Burpee Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. There are two convenient ways to send a Gift Card. Select a traditional gift card that is mailed to the recipient, or select an e-gift card that is emailed to the recipient, a great option if you need a gift in a hurry. Your garden-loving friends and family members will thank you and will remember your thoughtfulness throughout the season.

Burpee Gift Card (traditional)

Burpee Gift Cards are traditional plastic cards. These gift cards are shipped free to the recipient you designate and have no expiration date or fees associated with use.  The gift card can be used to pay for purchases at

    To purchase a Burpee Gift Card

    1. Go to our Gift Cards page.
    2. Select "Burpee Gift Card."
    3. Select the denomination and quantity you wish to purchase and click "Add to Cart"
    4. Complete your purchase and checkout.

After you purchase a Gift Card:

The Gift Card will be mailed to the address specified along with a copy of the current Burpee catalog.  Order confirmation and shipment confirmation emails will be sent to you.


Burpee E-Gift Card 

Burpee E-Gift Cards are sent via email. An email announcing your gift and containing both the e-gift card and your gift message will be sent to the recipient at the email address you designate. For security purposes, the 4 digit pin will be sent in a separate email. Instructions on how to redeem the e-gift card for purchase at will also be included.

 To purchase a Burpee E-Gift Card

    1. Go to our Gift Cards page.
    2. Select "Burpee E-Gift Card."
    3. Select the denomination and quantity you wish to purchase and click "Add to Cart"
    4. Fill out the requested recipient information and click "Continue"
    5. Complete your purchase and checkout.

After you purchase an E-Gift Card:

Your recipient  will receive two emails. The first email will announce your gift (and include your gift message) and it will provide the recipient with the gift card ID number. A second email containing the 4 digit PIN will follow. Both emails will include instructions on how to redeem the e-Gift Card on  You will receive the standard order confirmation email.

Gift Card and E-Gift Card Balances

Checking the balance of your Burpee gift card is easy. You can check the balance remaining on your gift card online during the checkout process, by calling 1-800-242-5353 or  by clicking here.

Terms and Conditions for Burpee Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards

  • Unless specifically stated, promotions are not valid for the purchase of gift cards or e-gift cards.
  • You cannot purchase a gift card with another gift card.
  • If the amount of your gift card does NOT cover the total purchase amount, you will need to pay for the remainder of the purchase with an additional form of payment.
  • If the amount of your gift card is for MORE than the total order amount, the balance amount will be stored on your gift card account for future use.
  • Gift cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash.
  • We cannot replace lost or stolen gift cards.
  • No sales tax is charged when buying gift cards, however, online purchases paid for with gift card will be charged applicable sales tax.
  • Gift cards may not be reloaded.
  • Please make sure you hold onto all gift cards used in your purchase until your order arrives. If your order cannot be fulfilled, it may be necessary to grant credit back to the card(s).

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or call 1-800-333-5808 for assistance.

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Gardening Tip of the Day

  • Although popular, braiding garlic bulbs to hang in the kitchen for their ornamental value is not the best way to preserve the wonderful flavor of this cooking essential. Here’s a way to store garlic that not only retains flavor but actually improves it!
    Peeling garlic cloves can be bothersome if you only need one clove at a time. Instead, peel the whole bulb, and then store the extra cloves in a jar filled with olive oil. The garlic will stay fresh for months in the oil, and you can even use the flavored oil for salad dressings and sauces.
    Use a decorative jar, some ribbon and a sprig of fresh spruce or pine for a creative holiday gift!