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All About Eggplants

Wait until night temperatures are consistently in the 60's before setting out eggplant transplants.

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Container Fruit
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Broccoli Raab
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Growing Bluberries in Containers
Blueberry plants are nature’s little factory of beauty and nutrition. Read article
Pressing Flowers
Make seed paper that you can plant
Keeping a Garden Journal

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Gardening Tip of the Day

  • Yards and gardens tend to get a little tired and drab during the heat of summer. The weather is hot and humid, rainfall is scarce, and it seems as if nothing is in bloom. The wise gardener can reverse this quickly. Most annuals are programmed to keep on blooming come heat or high humidity. However, if neglected they will stop flowering. Remove all wilted flowers and pinch back leggy plants especially impatiens and petunias. A dose of liquid fertilizer and plenty of moisture will keep annuals going strong until frost.
    Many perennials bloom in mid to late summer. Plant black-eyed Susans, golden-rod, purple coneflower, hostas, chrysanthemums and asters for some welcome later season color.