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Butterfly Milkweed
Perennial wildflower, terrific in flower beds. Read article
Growing Sunflowers
See how easy it is to grow these summertime favorites. Watch Video
Easy to grow, beautiful flowers. Read article
Little Spring Bulbs
Add some sparkle to your home garden. Read article
Growing Summer Eggplant
Beautiful fruit with a luscious, succulent texture and mild flavor. Watch Video
Growing Onions
Onions are the tastiest of vegetables and are extremely easy to grow from “sets” or “transplants”. Watch our video to learn to grow your own onions. Watch Video
Canning Basics
Canning is a great way to keep enjoying your garden bounty all year long. Many gardeners think it’s difficult to do but it’s really very simple. Read article
Growing Strawberries
Soft succulent strawberries are difficult to find store bought. The answer is to grow your own – too soft to ship but unmatched for flavor. See how easy it is. Watch Video
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Gardening Tip of the Day

  • Fall is a good time to dig up and compost vigorous herbs that tend to grow out of bounds like yarrow, borage, comfrey, tansy, and bee balm. To control the spread of these plants, it is not enough to just cut the plants down to the ground. These spreaders need to be entirely pulled or dug up.
    Use a shovel or spade to dig under the plant’s root area and lift it out. Instead of pulling them up by hand, using a shovel will ensure you are getting most of the roots. Offer excess to friends or place all their nutrient rich foliage in the compost pile.