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Dog-Friendly Gardening
Dog-friendly landscaping keeps everybody happy. Read article
Rooting for rutabagas. Read article
As decorative as they are delicious. Read article
Fall Raspberries
Patience pays off when you plant fall-bearing raspberries. Read article
Asian Greens
These gourmet favorites are easy to grow in the cool of spring and fall. In this video we cover Pak Choi, Chinese Cabbage, Mizuna and Tatsio. Watch Video
Using Seed Tapes
Seed tapes make sowing and spacing of seeds a snap. Watch how easy it is to plant with Burpee Seed Tapes. Watch Video
Paw Paw Gardening Guide
What to do when your plants arrive. Read article
Honeyberries Gardening Guide
What to do when your plants arrive. Read article
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Gardening Tip of the Day

  • As pretty as they look, strands of lights in trees should not be left in place indefinitely. If overlooked for too long, the wires will inhibit growth and slowly strangle the tree like a tourniquet. Make it a practice to remove the lights during the growing season or at least reposition them on the tree. Also avoid wrapping the wire completely around a branch.