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Annuals Tour #1
Take a garden tour and see favorite annual plants in a garden setting. In this video- Zinnia, Angelonia, Marigold, Petunia, Celosia and Vinca. Watch Video
Burpee Concentrated Seed Starting Mix
Just add water and it quickly expands to an amazing 8 quarts of quality growing medium for seed starting and containers. Watch Video
Chef Ian Knauer Recipe - Green Beans with Greens
Chef Ian of the Farm Cooking School in Stockton New Jersey Prepares Green Beans with Green Goddness Herb Sauce.  Watch Video
Chef Ian Knauer Recipe - Fresh Summer Tomatoes with Pasta
 Chef Ian of the Farm Cooking School in Stockton New Jersey Prepares Fresh Summer Tomatoes with Pasta. Watch Video
All About Blueberries
Every home gardener can grow delicious blueberries. Watch how easy it is.  Watch Video
Growing Coneflowers
See how easy it is to grow colorful Echinacea, commonly called Coneflowers.  Watch Video
Container Vegetables - Cucumbers
Grow cucumbers in containers on your deck, porch or patio!  Watch Video
Container Vegetables - Bush Beans
Grow bush beans in containers on our deck, porch or patio!  Watch Video
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Gardening Tip of the Day

  • New gardeners are often puzzled by the term "hybrid" listed with annual and vegetable seeds.

    Generally, hybrids are the result of breeding (or crossing) two different parent varieties. Each parent is selected for certain desirable characteristics. The offspring, or seed of the female plant can display a number of superior characteristics including a new color, larger blooms or fruits, more robust flavor and better yields, better disease resistance and more uniform size.

    This process, while assisted by man, does nothing to alter the genetics of a plant. It is a natural process that allows breeders and hybridizers to create plants better suited for the home garden.

    Seeds collected from hybrid plants will not produce the same result as the original seed. Only the parent plants can produce identical hybrids.