Growing Calendar

for zone 6

First and last frost dates are averages for your region.

Average Last Frost: 05/15

Approximate date in the spring when there should be no more frost. This is the baseline date for starting seeds

Average First Frost: 10/15

Approximate date in the fall when a frost may be expected. This usually signals the end of the growing season, except for cold tolerant plants
  • Indoor Sow = Start Indoors
  • Spring Transplant = Transplant Indoors
  • Direct Sow = Start Outdoors
  • Fall Indoor Sow = Start Indoors in the Fall
  • Fall Transplant= Transplant Outdoors
  • Fall Outdoor Sow = Start Outdoors in the Fall
Growing Calendars are based on location and growing zone.
Growing Calendar not available on mobile, coming soon. Please visit desktop to view the growing calendar.

How to use the Growing Calendar

  • Select from categories below to view the different growing calendars.
  • You can choose between different tabs, max of 20 specific selections.
  • The "View All" link will display all the growing calendars for that entire category
    and replace any previous selections.
  • Click "Clear All" to remove selections for a specific category.
  • Click "View and Print Dates" to print all of the growing calendar dates for that specific zone group.
  • There are two options for printing
    1. Print Dates by clicking on "View & Print Dates". (This will print all categories per zone)
    2. Print Calendar graphs by clicking on "Print My Calendar". (This will print only categories selected)
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