Tomatoes are Tops: The Tastiest Trend for 2010


May 2010 — Warminster PA — The big trend in gardening this year? Tomatoes. According to leading gardening company Burpee, this year customers are showing unprecedented interest in tomatoes, both hybrid and heirloom. Burpee reports strong sales for tomatoes, as home vegetable gardeners look for both variety and yield in their tomato harvest.


According to George Ball, Burpee’s Chairman and CEO, the booming interest in tomatoes reflects both economic and culinary factors.


"Growing your own vegetables produces extraordinary cost savings, and this is especially true of tomatoes, “says Ball, calling tomatoes "the garden's best return on investment." Breaking down the numbers, Mr. Ball notes that tomatoes offer a 1 to 25 savings ratio over comparable store-bought varieties.  "Right now, with tomatoes going for $6.00 a pound at gourmet grocers, the homegrown savings are even more eye-popping."


Flavor is a big factor in the tomato boom.  "Cost-savings aside," says Ball, "home gardeners have come to find that the flavor of a homegrown tomato is simply priceless."  He notes that Americans’ burgeoning interest in fresh, wholesome food has helped create the giant new wave of gardeners. “Once you savor the taste of your garden-grown tomatoes, there’s no turning back.”


With more than 65 different varieties of tomatoes available on the Burpee website, Ball says gardeners will find a wide range of tomato flavors and types ready to perk up salads, sauces and sandwiches.


Two of Burpee's top rated tomato plant favorites include tomato 'Fourth of July Hybrid' (the first tomato to ripen by Independence Day) and Burpee's 'BushSteak Hybrid', (a beefsteak variety that grows well in containers while producing meaty 8-12 ounce fruits).


Visit Burpee's online library for tomato growing tips and find out more about the tomato plant varieties offered via the Burpee website. 



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