Herb Gardens the Hottest Trend for 2011, Says Burpee Garden Company


Warminster, Pa - May 2011 - America's home gardeners are having a fragrant and picturesque love affair with herbs, according to national garden company W. Atlee Burpee & Co. The First Lady's White House garden may well be an inspiration.


The 2011 White House vegetable garden features an array of edible garden delights, including peas, carrots, tomatoes and lettuces. But what has grabbed gardeners' interest? The first lady's impressive selection of herbs and companion flowers that line the garden's winding paths between the raised vegetable beds.


"Interest in herbs has been growing steadily the last few years," says Burpee Chairman and CEO George Ball. "But this year, herbs are all the rage. Herb orders really took off right after the late March news reports about the 2011 White House garden."


Using sales data, surveys and proprietary information sources, Burpee reports that herb gardens represent the top garden trend for the 2011 season, followed closely by raised bed gardens and container vegetable gardens. As a leading garden brand, Burpee actively monitors developments in the horticulture industry and consumer trends.


"Today's garden consumers look for plants that perform double duty," says Ball, "plants delicious to taste and pleasing to look at."


Herbs are rewarding, summer-long pleasers, according to Chelsey Fields, manager for Burpee's edible division. "Most herbs are exceptionally easy to grow, and fun because they inspire and transform your cooking."


Fields notes that herbs are great starter plants for children who are novice gardeners. In step with the first lady's "Let's Move" initiative that promotes healthier living and eating for children, kids who garden alongside their parents are healthier eaters.


"Herbs are low-maintenance. Some bright sun and water will keep the plants producing," Fields continues. "The different tastes, flower colors and leaf types create a wonderfully interesting garden. Herbs attract all kinds of beneficial insects that will delight young entomologists and gardeners. The best thing is that kids help grow what's for dinner."


Burpee offers a wide range of decorative, edible herbs for the home garden. Anise Hyssop, with tall, spiky purple flowers, is extraordinarily beautiful planted en masse. Add the flowers and leaves to salads or simply use the leaves to make a calming minty tea.


The Burpee variety Boxwood Basil is another favorite. Looking just like a boxwood, it's an excellent border plant for edging and defining planting beds. A new Burpee basil variety, 'Round Midnight,' is a highly aromatic purple leaf basil, whose eye-grabbing, glowing deep purple hues dress up the kitchen garden. It works wonders in pesto and sauces as well.


For more information on general garden topics, please visit Burpee's Garden Tips & Advice section here: For more information about gardening with your kids, please visit our article here: Visit Burpee at or call our toll-free number, 1-800-888-1447.



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