Families Can Cultivate Financial Savings With Burpee's Money Garden Seed Pack


WARMINSTER, PA--(Marketwire - February 4, 2009) - W. Atlee Burpee & Co. (, America's leading home gardening company, reports hefty financial savings for people who opt to grow their own vegetables. In an effort to help gardeners cultivate cash savings with a vegetable garden, Burpee is offering a new variety seed packet called The Money Garden.


Burpee revealed, through a recently completed cost-analysis study, that a well-planned vegetable garden will result in a 1 to 25 cost-savings ratio for home gardeners. An investment of $50 for seeds and fertilizer can produce $1,250 worth of groceries purchased at a supermarket.


To successfully cultivate a money-saving garden, gardeners are advised to extend the season from early planting to late harvesting, according Burpee Chairman, George Ball. "Too often home gardeners plant an item such as lettuce early in the season and then leave the site fallow after harvesting a month later."


Burpee's Money Garden seed packet is designed to help gardeners successfully plan, plant and cultivate their own money-saving vegetable garden. Each Money Garden seed pack contains packages of six easy-to-grow varieties capable of producing $650 worth of vegetables. The Money Garden will have a special $10 price and will be available on the Burpee website exclusively.


Mr. Ball points out that, in addition to cost savings, the taste of homegrown vegetables is vastly superior to store-bought and their nutritional value far exceeds vegetables that line the shelves of supermarkets a week or more after being picked.


Other stellar 2009 Burpee offerings include the world's first sweet, seedless tomato called 'Sweet Seedless,' 'Twice As Nice' Hybrid Melon, a Canary type melon that leaves no doubt when to harvest and 'Burpee's Triple Crown XP' Hybrid Corn, the Burpee's latest "Extra-Performance" corn trio.

Predicted to be an instant sensation, 'Sweet Seedless' will earn its place in tomato history. It is the one and only variety to offer the convenience of seedlessness with the sweet, juicy succulence of proven tomato greats like 'Brandy Boy' and 'Brandywine.' Ball says that he and his horticultural staff believe 'Sweet Seedless' will spark even more interest than the first seedless watermelon, now the melon of choice for many gardeners.


For more information on how to cultivate cash in the garden with The Money Garden or information on new Burpee varieties, visit



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