Burpee’s Colorful Line-Up of New Flower and Vegetable Varieties are Online Now at


December 2010 – Warminster, PA –, one of America’s best-known home gardening brands, just revealed its 2011 collection of new flower and vegetable varieties online. See them here.

Burpee’s announcement is expected to generate unprecedented enthusiasm among home gardeners, as it marks the earliest unveiling of what’s new for the coming spring in the company’s 135-year history.

"We are thrilled to offer our customers an advanced opportunity to see and purchase our top new edible and ornamental introductions for 2011," says George Ball, Burpee Chairman and CEO.

Ball says the early release is designed to satisfy the appetites of curious garden enthusiasts, while also making garden planning more practical for southern gardeners who start their seeds as early as December and January.

A few of the more unique varieties this year represent major breakthroughs in breeding for color and include ‘Coconut Ice,’ the world’s first white sunflower, ‘Black Cat’ petunia, the first and only pure black petunia, and a tantalizingly colorful tomato collection called ‘Kings of Color’.

Many of these new varieties are available as both seeds and garden-ready plants. See product descriptions online for details.

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ABOUT BURPEE: W. Atlee Burpee & Co. was founded in 1876 and is based in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Today, Burpee is the largest, most progressive seed company in the United States, offering seeds, garden plants and gardening supplies through the Burpee website at, direct-mail catalogs, and via its15,000 retail garden center customers throughout the country. The company leads the industry in vegetable and flower introductions, and is credited for introducing the world to numerous ornamental and edible breakthrough varieties. Burpee’s historic Fordhook Farm offers 8 specialty gardens containing more than 3,000 different species of unique ornamental and edible garden gems.

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