Burpee’s Amazing New Varieties for 2013


Gardening Firsts from the First Name in Gardening

November 5, 2012—Warminster, PA—For summer 2013, W. Atlee Burpee, the country’s leading home gardening company, offers a remarkable lineup of breakthrough vegetables, flowers, and fruits.

The trailblazing new varieties will be featured in Burpee’s 2013 catalog and on the company’s website,

Founded in 1876, Burpee has introduced numerous breakthrough varieties in its 136 years, including the first white sweet corn, the ‘Big Boy’ tomato, the first white marigold, Iceberg lettuce and “Sweet Seedless, the world’s first seedless tomato. George Ball, our Chairman and CEO, says these outstanding new varieties will make 2013 “a blockbuster summer in the garden.”

Burpee’s lineup of Superheroes for 2013 includes several exclusives —one-of-a-kind varieties you won’t find anywhere else.

SuperSauce Paste Tomato
The largest sauce tomato, tipping the scales at 2 lbs. A Burpee Exclusive.
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‘On Deck’ Sweet Corn
The first-ever sweet corn specially bred for containers—makes growing corn easy, convenient and fun. A Burpee Exclusive.
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Crimson Giant Raspberry
The world’s largest raspberry ever! “Crimson Giant’ weighs 4.5 grams – fully 40-50% bigger than other varieties.
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Mighty Sweet Grape Tomato
The first-ever determinate grape tomato and loaded with anti-oxidants. A Burpee exclusive.
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Sun King Broccoli
Here’s the new, go-to broccoli for long, hot summers. A Burpee exclusive.
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Candy Apple Sweet Pepper
This year, for the first time, we recruited the Burpee Army—our large, loyal band of customers—to name our 5” pepper with luscious deep-red color and sugary sweetness.
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Blue Lagoon Verbascum
The world's very first true-blue verbascum. A Burpee exclusive.
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