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Burpee is America’s most trusted supplier of vegetable and flower seeds, offering only the best-of-the-best open-pollinated and hybrid varieties to our customers. As we have done for the past 135 years, Burpee provides its customers with the latest varieties that offer improved yield and disease resistance. Not only do we offer an extensive line of new hybrid and tried and true heirloom seeds, we also serve our organic garden customers by offering a vast selection of certified organic varieties that are produced in compliance with all USDA and State organic guidelines.

Burpee takes great pride and care in supplying safe seeds to our customers. All seeds sold under the Burpee name are never chemically treated, making them well-suited for sustainable gardens.  None of Burpee’s seed varieties are GMO.  In fact, we’ve never sold GMO seed and have no intention of selling GMO seed in the future.  For more information on Burpee’s safe, GMO-free seeds, please click here.

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