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Spring and Summer Gardening Gifts

Looking for a gardening gift? Burpee is offering a special gift section just for Spring and Summer Gardening plants and accessories.

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  • Burpee's Garden Hod, , large

    Burpee's Garden Hod

    Short Description

    Our favorite basket for every garden chores.

  • Herb Snips, , large

    Herb Snips

    Short Description

    Specially designed for snipping and mincing herbs, scallions and other delicate foods.

  • Kneeler Seat, , large

    Kneeler Seat

    Short Description

    Kneel or sit to garden in comfort.

  • Herb & Flower Drying Rack Kit , , large

    Herb & Flower Drying Rack Kit

    Short Description

    Everything to preserve your herbs and flowers all year

  • Garden Tool Bags - Large, , large

    Garden Tool Bags - Large

    Short Description

    Handy canvas bag with leather handles and drainage holes is excellent for garden chores.

  • Gardeners Kneeling Pad, , large

    Gardeners Kneeling Pad

    Short Description

    Kneeling pad designed for many uses in the garden and around the house.

  • Heart and Star Vegetable Molds, , large

    Heart and Star Vegetable Molds

    Short Description

    Create fun shaped vegetables and fruits.

  • Balconera Self Watering Planter, , large

    Balconera Self Watering Planter

    Short Description

    The easy way to have flowers anywhere you want.

    $13.46 - $18.71
  • Vedge – Vegetarian Cookbook , , large

    Vedge – Vegetarian Cookbook

    Short Description

    100 recipes from the famous Philadelphia vegetarian restaurant “Vedge”

  • Cilindro Self-Watering Planters, , large

    Cilindro Self-Watering Planters

    Short Description

    Self-Watering planter, helps eliminate over-watering and dry soil can help reduce or eliminate gnats and fungi.

  • Camelot AquaSav™ Window Deck Planter , , large

    Camelot AquaSav™ Window Deck Planter

    Short Description

    Complete window or deck planter with AquaSav™ liner. Camelot Style

    $11.24 - $14.99
  • Ultimate Tomato Growers Kit, , large

    Ultimate Tomato Growers Kit

    Short Description

    Twice the tomatoes in half the space! SAVE 20%

  • Plant Pyramid Raised Planters, , large

    Plant Pyramid Raised Planters

    Short Description

    Unique tiered garden system.

    $149.95 - $259.95
  • Garden Tool Set, , large

    Garden Tool Set

    Short Description

    The ultimate home garden hand tool set.

  • Copper Plant Markers (8 PK), , large

    Copper Plant Markers (8 PK)

    Short Description

    Great looking and lasts a lifetime!

  • Gardener's Tool Time Gift Set, , large

    Gardener's Tool Time Gift Set

    Short Description

    The essential tool collection to get growing in the garden.

  • Rosemary in 4" Clay Washpot, , large

    Rosemary in 4" Clay Washpot

    Short Description

    A gift for the senses: the tabletop rosemary topiary.

  • 4" Clay Washpot Olive Tree, , large

    4" Clay Washpot Olive Tree

    Short Description

    Hardy, living olive tree: a delightful holiday decoration and gift.

  • Lavandula 'Provence' in 4" Clay Washpot, , large

    Lavandula 'Provence' in 4" Clay Washpot

    Short Description

    The gift of inspiration: the fragrant lavender plant.

  • Gift Card, , large

    Gift Card

    Short Description

    A thoughtful gift for a garden-loving friend.

    $25.00 - $100.00
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