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Get your seedlings off to a great start with our selection of pots and trays.

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  • Burpee Super Growing Pellets, , large

    Burpee Super Growing Pellets

    Short Description

    Our new and easy super growing cubes take the mess out of starting seeds.

    $10.95 - $18.95
  • Round Fiber Pots 3 inch, , large

    Round Fiber Pots 3 inch

    Short Description

    The most biodegradable way to start seeds indoors.

  • Netted Coir Pellets , , large

    Netted Coir Pellets

    Short Description

    Potting soil and pot in one little unit.

    $11.95 - $32.95
  • Burpee Deep Root 6 Pak, , large

    Burpee Deep Root 6 Pak

    Short Description

    Extra-deep cells for starting seeds and cuttings.

  • Square Fiber Pots, , large

    Square Fiber Pots

    Short Description

    Large 3-inch seed-starting pots that you plant right in the garden.

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