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Pest Control

Protect your plants from garden pests like deer, rabbits, moles, birds and more.
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Small Animal Barrier

Protect your raised garden beds from your fury friends.

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93072 - Small Animal Barrier $89.95
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90099 - 1 bottle
(32 oz.)
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97068 - One 24 oz. Bottle $15.95

Cucumber Beetle Trap

Cucumber beetle lure and trap.

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97168 - Cucumber Beetle Trap $12.95
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94009 - 40 oz $40.95

Deer and Rabbit Repellent - Granular

Repel deer and rabbits from your gardens.

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94000 - 2 Pounds $16.95

Rabbit Repellent - Concentrate

Advanced dual-repellency formula for persistent or high-...

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94011 - 40 oz $44.95
7 Results
Growing Info

Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening  0:59

If you’ve ever wanted to know just what raised bed gardening is then this is the place to start.

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