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Back Porch ComposTumbler

Make Compost in 4-6 weeks!
This size tumbler was developed for backyard composting. The ComposTumbler is the World's best-selling, best-designed rotating bin composter. The key to making great compost fast is to have your organic materials contained so that heat builds up and the organic materials begin to break down. Air and moisture are the two other essential ingredients. The ComposTumbler is designed with air vents so air flow is unimpeded during composting. Drainage units allow for any excess moisture to escape so materials won't get soggy. The result is a perfectly balanced, contained rotating bin composter that turns organic throwouts into compost in just 4-6 weeks. Holds about one 30-gallon trash bag, 37H x 31W x 26D, heavy-duty polyethylene drum. Made in the USA.
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Back Porch ComposTumbler
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