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Help the Earth by recycling nature from your kitchen or back yard. Composting adds nutrients, enhances texture and nurtures those beneficial micro-organisms.
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Kitchen Compost Pail

Keep kitchen scraps but not the odor!

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94334 - Compost Pail $19.95
94342 - 1 Pack
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Worm Factory 360

Uses one of nature's finest soil amendments to create...

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94460 - Green $129.95
94461 - Terra Cotta $129.95
94462 - Black $129.95
94463 -1000 Red Wiggler Worms $39.95

Leaf Eater Mulcher/Shredder LE-900

Goodbye, leaves! Quickly reduces 11 bags of leaves to just...

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97094 - 1 Leaf Eater Mulcher $199.95
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94334 Compost Pail $19.95
94342 1 Pack

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