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Burpee Exclusive


Tabletop topiaries and living plants bring fragrance and festive good looks to any gathering. They arrive fully grown and ready to display in any room of your home. Each is easy to care for and will grow through the winter months and can be planted outside in spring.

  • Rosemary in 4" Clay Washpot, , large

    Short Description

    A gift for the senses: the tabletop rosemary topiary.

  • 4" Clay Washpot Olive Tree, , large

    Short Description

    Hardy, living olive tree: a delightful holiday decoration and gift.

  • Lavandula 'Provence' in 4" Clay Washpot, , large

    Short Description

    The gift of inspiration: the fragrant lavender plant.

  • New
    Burpee Herb Holiday Topiary, , large

    Short Description

    Herbs for every Cook’s wish list.

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