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Our selection of accessories includes everything you need to make the most of your gardening experience, from convenient planting markers to great gift ideas.

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  • Kozy Coats , , large

    Kozy Coats

    Short Description

    Plant tepees keep plants warm in cold weather

  • Men's Kobalt Goatskin Gloves - Black/White, , large

    Men's Kobalt Goatskin Gloves - Black/White

    Short Description

    Great for precision projects

  • Bird-X Protectve Netting Fruits & Veg., , large

    Bird-X Protectve Netting Fruits & Veg.

    Short Description

    Protects vegetables and fruits from pesky birds

  • Premium Cedar Potting Table, , large

    Premium Cedar Potting Table

    Short Description

    A gardeners best friend.

  • Deluxe Garden Soil Testing Kit, , large

    Deluxe Garden Soil Testing Kit

    Short Description

    Ideal soil test kit for home gardeners

  • Plant and Row Tags, , large

    Plant and Row Tags

    Short Description

    Know What You Grow! Large wooden tags are easy to see in the garden and containers.

    $4.95 - $6.95
  • Garden and Compost Thermometer, , large

    Garden and Compost Thermometer

    Short Description

    Soil and compost testing thermometer.

  • Untreated Twine, , large

    Untreated Twine

    Short Description

    Essential In Any Garden. Biodegradable for easy clean up!

  • Rain Gauge, , large

    Rain Gauge

    Short Description

    Measures Rain or Irrigation. One of the most important tools in any garden.

  • Herb Scissors - 5 blade, , large

    Herb Scissors - 5 blade

    Short Description

    Herb Scissors feature 5 cutting blades for quick chopping.

  • Melon and Squash Cradle, , large

    Melon and Squash Cradle

    Short Description

    Grow perfect blemish-free melons and squash

  • Tomato & Vegetable  Blossom Set Spray, , large

    Tomato & Vegetable Blossom Set Spray

    Short Description

    Grow power! All-natural spray speeds harvest and increases yields.

  • Floating Row Cover, , large

    Floating Row Cover

    Short Description

    Produces crops fast—extends your growing season.

  • Electronic Soil Tester, , large

    Electronic Soil Tester

    Short Description

    Helpful garden tool to find out how well your soil supports plant growth.

  • Garden Staples, , large

    Garden Staples

    Short Description

    Secure landscape fabrics, plastic, tarps, netting, row covers and more!

  • Kneeler Seat, , large

    Kneeler Seat

    Short Description

    Kneel or sit to garden in comfort.

  • Herb & Flower Drying Rack Kit , , large

    Herb & Flower Drying Rack Kit

    Short Description

    Everything to preserve your herbs and flowers all year

  • Gardeners Kneeling Pad, , large

    Gardeners Kneeling Pad

    Short Description

    Kneeling pad designed for many uses in the garden and around the house.

  • Heart and Star Vegetable Molds, , large

    Heart and Star Vegetable Molds

    Short Description

    Create fun shaped vegetables and fruits.

  • Backyard Farmer Pickling Kit, , large

    Backyard Farmer Pickling Kit

    Short Description

    Quick-Pickle vegetables with this do-it-yourself kit

    $4.95 - $23.95
  • Soil Test Kit, , large

    Soil Test Kit

    Short Description

    Contains 4 easy to use tests

  • Moisture Meter, , large

    Moisture Meter

    Short Description

    Takes the guesswork out of watering your plants.

  • VELCRO Brand Plant Ties, , large

    VELCRO Brand Plant Ties

    Short Description

    The quick and easy way to support vegetable and flower plants.

    $3.99 - $5.99
  • The Garden Tower 2, , large

    The Garden Tower 2

    Short Description

    Grows 50 plants vertically with integrated composting!

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