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Power Plant Pro

Professional series indoor garden system. Grows all year long!
The NASA proven technology built into every Power Plant unit allows you to GROW YEAR-ROUND, bug, worm and dirt free. It is very low maintenance, grows quicker and fuller plants and takes the guesswork out of growing. The Power Plant uses a proprietary grow sponge, special nutrients and an aeroponic system to grow perfect plants every time. How it works: * Seedlings quickly sprout from the grow sponge * Internal microjets deliver the proprietary nutrient solution to the grow sponge * Roots are bathed in super-oxygenated nutrient solution * Chamber simulates a rainforest growing environment * Water drips from the roots and enters the water-tight well to be recycled * Pump drives water up to be sprayed into the sponge * Built-in motor rotates the unit so all plants receive the same amount of light. No over-watering, no forgetting and no worries, just leave and grow. For optimum results we recommend using the Power Grow lamp.
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Power Plant Pro

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