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To create the garden of your dreams, get some expert help. Burpee's choice selection of garden helpers will get your garden off to a great start.

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  • Elevated Planter Box with Shelf, , large

    Elevated Planter Box with Shelf

    Short Description

    The easy and beautiful solution to comfortable gardening.

  • Rain Gel, , large

    Rain Gel

    Short Description

    Water storing granules.

  • Rectangular Planter Box, , large

    Rectangular Planter Box

    Short Description

    Attractive design and top quality construction.

  • Tomato & Pepper Automator Trays, , large

    Tomato & Pepper Automator Trays

    Short Description

    Your plants new best friend.

  • Cold Frame, , large

    Cold Frame

    Short Description

    Start seedlings and plants outdoors and get a jump on spring.

  • Reflective Red Mulch Film, , large

    Reflective Red Mulch Film

    Short Description

    Boosts tomato production by 20%.

    $14.95 - $39.95
  • Plant Markers 25/Pack, , large

    Plant Markers 25/Pack

    Short Description

    Keep track of what you plant and where.

  • Tomato & Vegetable  Blossom Set Spray, , large

    Tomato & Vegetable Blossom Set Spray

    Short Description

    Grow power! All-natural spray speeds harvest and increases yields.

  • Wall O Water 3/Pack, , large

    Wall O Water 3/Pack

    Short Description

    Fill the tubes of these plant protectors with water, and you can plant earlier and harvest later.

  • Floating Row Cover, , large

    Floating Row Cover

    Short Description

    Produces crops fast—extends your growing season.

  • Weed Shield Premium Landscape Fabric, , large

    Weed Shield Premium Landscape Fabric

    Short Description

    Rated #1 for weed prevention.

  • Planters Paper Mulch 2' X 50', , large

    Planters Paper Mulch 2' X 50'

    Short Description

    Black paper made from recycled fiber raises soil temperature.

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