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Become a Burpee fashionista with our flower garden accessories

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  • Soft Twist Ties, , large

    Soft Twist Ties

    Short Description

    Foam coated wire gently supports even the heaviest plants.

  • Gardeners Kneeling Pad, , large

    Gardeners Kneeling Pad

    Short Description

    Kneeling pad designed for many uses in the garden and around the house.

  • Garden Tools -  Weed Puller, , large

    Garden Tools - Weed Puller

    Short Description

    Designed to easily remove long-rooted weeds from your garden.

  • Garden Tools -  Trowel, , large

    Garden Tools - Trowel

    Short Description

    Trowel features large scoop handle and is designed for strength and comfort.

  • Garden Tools -  Planter, , large

    Garden Tools - Planter

    Short Description

    Slender-shaped shovel is versatile for many uses in the garden.

  • Garden Tools -  Fork, , large

    Garden Tools - Fork

    Short Description

    A garden fork designed for strength and comfort.

  • Garden Tool - Soil Scoop, , large

    Garden Tool - Soil Scoop

    Short Description

    Dig holes, weed, transfer soil and more.

  • Flower Web, , large

    Flower Web

    Short Description

    The invisible secret for professional flower displays.

  • AquaSav™ Coco Liner , , large

    AquaSav™ Coco Liner

    Short Description

    The smart container liner that only needs half the watering of regular liners.

  • Copper Plant Markers (8 PK), , large

    Copper Plant Markers (8 PK)

    Short Description

    Great looking and lasts a lifetime!

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