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Napa AquaSav™ Window Deck Planter

Complete window or deck planter with AquaSav™ liner. Napa Style.
Scrolling design work combined with unique water saving liners. The AquaSav™ Smart Coco Liner is engineered to be smarter than ordinary liners requiring about HALF the watering of other hanging basket liners. The secret is a special layer of recycled plastic sandwiched between two layers of biodegradable, pest and fungi resistant coco fiber. The plastic goes about one-third of the way up the liner ( halfway up in some smaller baskets because they dry out more quickly) creating a water try built right into the liner. Plants stay watered longer. You can't over-water! You'll have happy, healthy plants that last through the season, only watering about half as often. AquaSav™ is a trademark o the Pride Group, Inc. Includes container, basket, hanging chain.
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Napa AquaSav™ Window Deck Planter
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