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Our selection of accessories includes everything you need to successfully start your seeds the quick and easy way!

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  • Handy Seed Sower, , large

    Handy Seed Sower

    Short Description

    Sows seeds evenly and quickly

  • Digital Heat Mat Thermostat, , large

    Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

    Short Description

    Precise temperature control for seedling heat mats.

  • WeedGuard Plus Fertilized Mulch, , large

    WeedGuard Plus Fertilized Mulch

    Short Description

    Controls weeds and also provides fertilizer.

  • Seedling Misters, , large

    Seedling Misters

    Short Description

    Provide healthy moisture levels for seedlings and houseplants.

    $9.95 - $19.95
  • Marking Pen, , large

    Marking Pen

    Short Description

    Writes on anything—wood, plastic, metal!

  • Plant Pyramid Raised Planters, , large

    Plant Pyramid Raised Planters

    Short Description

    Unique tiered garden system.

    $149.95 - $259.95
  • VELCRO Brand Plant Ties, , large

    VELCRO Brand Plant Ties

    Short Description

    The quick and easy way to support vegetable and flower plants.

    $3.99 - $5.99
  • Gardener's Tool Time Gift Set, , large

    Gardener's Tool Time Gift Set

    Short Description

    The essential tool collection to get growing in the garden.

  • Garden Tool Set, , large

    Garden Tool Set

    Short Description

    The ultimate home garden hand tool set.

  • Ultimate Gardener Cart , , large

    Ultimate Gardener Cart

    Short Description

    Better than a wheelbarrow and easier to use.

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