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for all your gardening needs

To create the garden of your dreams, get some expert help. Burpee's choice selection of garden-proven supplies will get your garden off to a great start, and keep it at peak performance.

All Gardening Supplies

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Browse our complete list of gardening tools, supplies and accessories.

Gift Card

A thoughtful gift for a garden-loving friend.

Kozy coats

Plant tepees keep plants warm in cold weather

Bird-X Protectve Netting Fruits & Veg.

Protects vegetables and fruits from pesky birds

Garden Tools

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Reduce the effort and stress of taking care of your garden with our line of high quality, long-lasting tools.


The amazing do-it-all tool.

Raised Cultivator

Specifically designed for raised beds

DeWit Perennial Planter

Specially designed for perennial gardening

Frost Protection

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Extend your growing season with our selection of plant protectors designed to keep the cold out and the sun and heat in.


Superior plant and row protector.

Cold Frame

Start seedlings and plants outdoors and get a jump on spring.

Bio-Star 1500 Premium Cold Frame

Start seeds and plants earlier than ever.

Cages & Supports

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Get better yields and save space in your garden with our selection of cages, towers, ties and fences designed to support your plants throughout their growth.

XL Pro Series Cage - Silver

Our tallest and widest cages for managing the biggest tomato plants.

XL Pro Series Cage - Green

Our tallest and widest cages for managing the biggest tomato plants.

Squash and Cucumber A-Frame

The best method for growing cucumbers and squash.
Help your plants stay healthy and get maximum growth with our natural and organic fertilizers.

Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1

Increase yields of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Sea Magic Organic Growth Activator

All-natural wonder elixir for super growth.

Burpee Bean & Pea Booster

Improve plant growth and increase yields of beans and peas organically.

Tomatoes- Staking and Caging  4:17

Support your tomato plants for maximum growth and yields.

Cucumber & Squash A-Frame Supports  1:12

Grow your best vining vegetables ever with this quick and easy support.  

Building a Raised Bed Garden with Burpee Raised Bed Kits  1:40

Anyone can create a perfect raised bed garden with Burpee raised bed supplies.