Grow Elf Sunflowers

At only 14-16Ó tall Elf is BurpeeÕs shortest sunflower ever! It blooms for a long time and is beloved by children and their parents. Planted directly in the garden these little sunflowers are great companions for garden gnomes, clay frogs or ceramic salamanders. Planted in pots around the house, they are favorite places for butterfly watching, bee spotting and seed counting.

What You Need:
¥ Two packets of Sunflower Elf seeds
¥ Prepared 4Õ x 4Õ garden plot in full sun OR
¥ Large container such as a whiskey barrel filled with a good potting soil mix


What To Do:
1. Sow seeds directly in the ground _Ó deep 6Ó apart in a 3- 4Õ wide circle. Water the area after planting.


2. In approximately 60 days of hot weather, the little plants will be blooming and buzzing with activity.

3. Gather the kids for a close look at the flowers. Look for bees and butterflies in the flower disc and take a good look at the seeds growing. Use a magnifying glass if possible.

4. Warning: You have to be 36Ó tall or less for this ride!