Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 5-6

April 1 to April 30-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

Here’s what’s happening in your gardening region:

Spring is in the air across the region with early spring flowers showing and blossom swelling on the trees. April is a transition month that can still bring us snow, and will likely bring some frosts so don’t plant tender flowers and vegetables just yet. Here are some things to do in our region on those mild and sunny spring days.


map for zone 5-6

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1. Seed sowing time.

April is when serious seed starting should begin. Most of us have 6 – 8 weeks before the last frost when tender plants can be transplanted to the outside. Learn how to successfully start seeds for a great summer garden.

  • Indoor Seed Starting

    It's possible to have a fine vegetable garden by buying young plants. But you will have a much wider range of possibilities if you start your own plants from seeds indoors.

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  • Seed Starting Basics

    Growing from seed not only gives you a much larger selection of vegetables and flowers to choose from, it also lets you get a jump on the growing season by starting many plants indoors.

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  • Seed Starting Part 1
    Learn the reasons we start certain seeds indoors and why it is so popular.
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2. New veggie favorites.

Just Each year Burpee introduces some new varieties to try in both the vegetable line and the flowers. Many of these are destined to become favorites by next year. New tomatoes, pepper and lettuce are great to try.

  • Tomato, Madame Marmande Hybrid, , large
  • Pepper, Sweet, Lemon Dream, , large
  • Lettuce, Little Gem , , large

3. New pollinator flowers.

Want to add some wow to your garden this year? Try some of the new flower varieties that attract pollinators and give great color to the garden.

  • Marigold, Triple Treat, , large
  • Lavender, Bandera Purple, , large
  • Verbena rigida, Santos Purple, , large

4. Finish late winter pruning.

When the new growth starts on shrubs it is the last chance to finish up winter pruning. Don’t prune the lilac, forsythia or anything that blooms before May. Roses bloom on new wood that is produced this spring, so prune them soon so that they can create the summer flowers on time.

5. Pruning tools.

It is much easier to prune things when you have the right tools and sharp blades. Most shrubs can be pruned with clippers, but larger branches need loppers.

  • Straight Blade Pruning Shear, , large
  • Pruner Wood Handle, , large
  • Sheath, Soil Knife, and Pruner Combo, , large