Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 5-6

November 1 to November 30-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

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Fall finally arrives in our gardens but that doesn’t mean it’s time to go inside and ignore it until spring. What we do in the fall actually sets the stage for next year’s garden show.


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She regularly writes gardening related topics for Indiana Gardening and on her award-winning garden blog, She is the author of the recently released book Potted & Pruned: Living a Gardening Life.

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1.) Rake and chop leaves to use as mulch on planting beds.

1. Rake and chop leaves to use as mulch on planting beds to improve your garden soil. There’s no cost to using your own leaves and compost as mulch, other than the time it takes to rake them up or collect them with a mower. But before adding mulch, make sure to pull up any remaining weeds.


2.) Finish planting flowering bulbs like tulips, crocuses, and daffodils.

2. November is still not too late to plant bulbs for spring flowers including crocuses, tulips and daffodils. Include a mix of early, mid-season, and late blooming flowers to extend the bloom time in the spring.

  • Mix, Tulip Johann Strauss and Crocus Pickwick , , large
  • Tulip and Daffodil Mix, , large
  • Daffodils, Mixed, , large

3.) Grow some microgreens, sprouts, and even herbs indoors.

3. Grow some microgreens, sprouts, and even herbs indoors to add to salads and sandwiches and to use as a garnish throughout the cold months.

4.) Pot up amaryllis bulbs for holiday flowers.

4. Pot up amaryllis bulbs to grow indoors. These easy to grow bulbs can be planted in succession to have big blooms in shades of white, pink, and red throughout the winter.

  • Amaryllis, Picotee , , large
  • Amaryllis, Benfica, , large
  • Amaryllis, White Dazzler, , large

5.) Clean up all your vegetable garden and flower beds now to avoid having too much to do in the spring.

5. Clean up all your vegetable and flower beds now to avoid having too much to do in the spring. Using the proper tools makes gardening easier to do and more fun.

  • Tufftotes Gardening Bucket - 7 Gallon, , large
  • DeWit RH Cape Cod Weeder, , large
  • Gloves Ladies Floral Infusion, , large