Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 5-6

November 1 to November 30-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

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November brings the start of the holiday season and much cooler weather. We are reminded that winter is just around the corner, if it has not already arrived. Before the ground freezes there is still time to do a few things in the garden.


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She is a board member of the Garden Writer's Association. She authored 2 books: The Downsized Veggie Garden (Feb 2016) and New York & New Jersey Month by Month Gardening is due out Aug 2016.

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1. Planting bulbs for spring

November is a great time to plant bulbs for a great spring display. Early crocus, a long season of daffodils and a colorful display of tulips make a wonderful welcome for next spring. You can also grow bulbs in containers and keep a few for forcing in late winter.

2. Buy spring bulbs

It is not too late to add a few more spring bulbs to your garden, or make up a new container for spring. Don’t forget to order a few extra ones for forcing so that you can have spring a little bit earlier indoors next year! If you grow tulips – make sure that you plant them in an area where the deer cannot munch on them – deer love the tender growth of emerging tulips!

  • Daffodil Bulbs
    Daffodil Bulbs
    Daffodils are a favorite spring flower. They are easy to plant, require almost no maintenance and multiply rapidly. Daffodils are excellent cut flowers.
  • Tulip Bulbs
    Tulip Bulbs
    Tulips are the most beloved flowers in the spring garden. Fantastic colors and shapes with classic beauty. Tulips are also excellent cut flowers.

3. Fall planted Fruits

Fall planting fruit and berries: Fall is a great time to plant perennials but also the best time to plant many fruit bushes for next year. Ordered now the raspberry canes or strawberry plants arrive dormant (or nearly dormant). You plant them in your cool fall garden and get ready to harvest nest spring. Find out more about fall planted fruit.

4. Fall planted Perennials

Not only can fruit be planted in fall, but many perennials are planting then too. The cool weather perennials for early spring benefit from cool soil where their roots can start to grow before going dormant for winter. Add a few perennials to your list for spring color.

  • Heuchera, Grape Expectations, , large
  • Fern, Japanese Painted , , large
  • Caryopteris incana, Sunshine Blue II, , large

5. Forcing bulbs

For an extra early display of spring bulbs indoors, keep a few bulbs to force indoors over the winter. You need to keep the bulbs cold for about 10 -12 weeks then plant in a container (the bottom of your refrigerator works well – just keep the bulbs away from fruit and veg). Water gently and wait for the bulbs to start growing. Use early blooming bulbs and pick ones that do not get too tall.

  • Puro 20 Planter, , large
  • Daffodil, Tete A Tete, , large
  • Crocus, Giant Mix , , large