Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 3-4

January 1 to January 31-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

Here’s what’s happening in your gardening region:

It’s cold out there! Gardeners in Zones 3 and 4 are looking through Jack Frost-decorated windows and seeing snow insulating garden beds and draping the trees. We’re dreaming about warmer days and starting to plan ahead. The reality is that gardening will be in full swing before you know it and a good motto is, “Be Prepared!” Plan ahead - have the right tools and supplies on hand. Get ready to start gardening as soon as the time is right!


map for zone 3-4

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Lisa Colburn is a crazy gardener, great cook and author of The Maine Garden Journal.

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1. Knowing about your garden

The more we know about gardening, the better our gardens will be! The best teacher is your own experience. Keep track of which vegetables and ornamental plants you’ve tried through the years. Note successes as well as challenges. Visit friend’s gardens and botanical gardens. Read about all aspects of gardening. Knowledge is power. Your gardens will be more impressive each year.

2. Try something new this year!

Burpee has lots of new introductions this year! These stunning flowers are sure to wow the neighbors with bigger blooms, unusual colors and longer bloom time!

  • Marigold, Strawberry Blonde, , large
  • Petunia, Giant Dijon, , large
  • Hibiscus, Vintage Wine, , large

3. Learn why favorites persist

Are you growing the same plants as your grandmother? Learn why those favorites persist. Some flowers and vegetables have been favorites throughout history and their qualities will make them cherished for years to come. What makes them so special? Why have they been so popular for generations?

4. Grow lights for seed starting

Grow lights will insure success with starting seeds early in the year. 4. Experienced gardeners love to start their own plants from seed so they can get the varieties they want. Growing new seedlings on a windowsill often doesn’t provide enough light because winter days are very short in Zones 3 and 4. Burpee has a variety of grow lights to get you started and insure success.

  • Tabletop Glow ‘n Grow Light, , large
  • Burpee Two Tier Lighting Cart, , large
  • Platinum LED Grow Lights, , large

5. Growing Plants from Seed

It’s time to start some long-maturing, slow-growing plants from seed this month. Exciting! 5. It’s very rewarding to grow your own plants from seed. You get to choose varieties that may not be available at your local garden center. Browse Burpee’s catalog and website for inspiration. Start these slow-growing plants from seed this month:

  • Leeks
    Leeks are closely related to onions but have a sweeter, creamier, more delicate flavor. Prized by cooks as a flavoring for dishes of all types. Many cultivars are extremely hardy and will tolerate bel
  • Delphinium
    Few plants are more spectacular in garden beds and borders than delphiniums. Elegant flower spires come in regal shades of blue, purple or white.
  • Canna
    Whether gracefully feathered or exotically coral-shaped, celosia provides tremendous drama to the garden. Continuously blooms in any soil or weather, and vibrant colored blooms can be displayed fresh