Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 3-4

February 1 to February 28-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

Here’s what’s happening in your gardening region:

Gardening is a growing trend in the United States. Community gardens are expanding nationally as more people learn about the value of fresh local produce. Whether you garden in your backyard, on your deck or somewhere in the neighborhood, winter is the perfect time to develop a plan for the coming gardening season. The yield from a few packs of seeds can be impressive!


map for zone 3-4

Your Regional reporter

Lisa Colburn regional reporter photo

Lisa Colburn is a crazy gardener, great cook and author of The Maine Garden Journal.

To see what Lisa's doing in her garden. Click Here!


1. Burpee's Garden Advice will get you started.

Vegetable gardening is more popular than ever. Burpee’s Garden Advice and How-to articles will get you started on the right path. More people are jumping on the vegetable gardening bandwagon each year. Access to fresh vegetables has never been more important. Burpee’s articles and videos will help new and experienced gardeners alike learn how easy it is to grow your own food.

2. Flowers & Vegetables for container gardening.

Flowers as well as vegetables can be grown in containers. See Burpee’s impressive selection of containers. 2. Containers are available in many colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Burpee has a container to fit any decorating style or situation.

  • Puro 50 Spherical Planter, , large
  • Surreal Faux Log Planters, , large
  • Strawberry Planter, , large

3. Learn how to succeed with small space gardening. Burpee tells you how.

Think you don’t have enough space for a vegetable garden? Don’t fret. You CAN grow vegetables on a patio, deck or balcony.

4. It's time to place plant orders Now!

4. Order plants early for the biggest selection. Don’t worry about getting them too early - Burpee will only ship when it’s time to plant in your area. Try some of these popular new varieties.

  • Rose, The Pink Double Knock Out, , large
  • Echinacea, Sombrero Lemon Yellow, , large
  • Trifolium, 4 Luck , , large

5. Learn which annual flowers you can start from seed right now.

It’s very rewarding to grow flowers from seed. Varieties that may not be available at your local garden center can easily be started at home. Browse Burpee’s catalog and website for inspiration. Start these slow-growing annual flowers from seed this month:

  • Petunias
    Shop petunia seeds & plants. Burpee's fast growing petunias come in spreading, trailing and mounded varieties flourish in beds, containers or as borders.
  • Pansies
    Pansies make bright companion plants and are easy to grow in pots or your kitchen garden. Sow indoors before last frost and in midsummer.
  • Impatiens
    Shade-loving impatiens seeds and plants perfect for any home garden. New Guinea, African and Single Flowered Impatiens for shade gardens at