Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 3-4

May 1 to May 31-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

Here’s what’s happening in your gardening region:

Spring is here! Excitement is building for gardeners. Many of us have seedlings started under lights or on the windowsill. We’re eager to be outside, scanning our garden beds to see signs of plants emerging from their winter slumber. It’s time to put your hands in the dirt. Oh, sweet spring!.


map for zone 3-4

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1. Getting Ready for the Big Day.

Even if it’s still a bit early to put tender plants in the soil of your zone 3 or 4 garden, there’s still a lot an enthusiastic gardener can do to be ready for the big day. Plan ahead. Prepare your gardens beds and your plants, so that as soon as danger of frost is passed, everything is ready to go!

2. Planting perennials in cool spring weather.

Zone 3 and 4 hardy perennials can tolerate cool spring weather. Plant them directly in the garden early. Perennials are best planted early when soils are cool so they can get a good root system established. When summer warmth arrives they’ll be prepared to grow quickly. Try some of these attractive, cold-hardy, reliable performers sure to get rave reviews:

  • Astilbe
    Astilbes offer attractive, ferny foliage and an abundance of showy flowers. Plant these perennials in shaded gardens where they are perfect neighbors for other perennials that thrive in moist, rich soil.
  • Rudbeckia
    Heat tolerant yellow daisies with dark eyes, very much a favorite for borders. Spectacular summer into fall, and great as cut flowers.
  • Hostas
    Plants form beautiful, upright mounds, perfect for carpeting bare spots in part shade.

3. Few tips, tricks and techniques from Burpee.

Do you have an adventurous spirit? You may have what it takes to be a gardener! Learn a few tips, tricks and techniques from Burpee.New to gardening? Burpee will help you start off right. Begin your gardening adventure with these helpful strategies:

4. Try some of Burpee’s salad mixes.

Do you want to increase the assortment of greens you grow in your garden? Try some of Burpee’s salad mixes. Great salads start with an assortment of fresh greens. Include some of these salad mixes to your garden to add pizzazz to your meals.

  • Microgreens Burpee's Mix, , large
  • Mesclun,Salad Mix, , large
  • Lettuce, All Season Romaine Blend, , large

5. Fragrant for your garden.

Greet guests with fragrant flowers planted near entryways. Add them to window boxes so every time you open a window, the smell of summer wafts through your home. These flowers are known for their outstanding fragrance:


  • Alyssum, Carpet Of Snow, , large
  • Sweet Peas
    Sweet Peas
    Sweet peas add a soft touch and a sweet fragrance to spring bouquets, and are great climbers for trellises and fences. Start indoors in pots, 6 weeks before outdoor planting time. Sow both early sprin
  • Nicotiana, Heaven Scent, , large