Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 3-4

February 1 to February 29-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

Here’s what’s happening in your gardening region:

Anticipation is the purist form of pleasure. Gardeners know it well. We’re longing for that hoped for good event – gardening. Seedlings sprouting give us hope. We know it won’t be long before we have our hands in the dirt. A trained eye is already recognizing subtle signs of spring – snow crystalizing, buds swelling... we’re biding our time.


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Lisa Colburn is a crazy gardener, great cook and author of The Maine Garden Journal.

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1. Make sure you have the right seed-starting supplies on hand.

Be prepared to start your seedlings. Burpee makes it easy to be successful.

2. Start some slow-growing plants now.

Some vegetable plants grow very slowly so need to be started early so they’re big enough to plant when the time is right. Get a head start on these plants now:

3. Secrets to bedding plant success – start early!

Ever wonder why garden centers have such big, flowering plants when spring arrives? They start slow-growing ornamental plants early! Save money by growing these easy-to-grow, bedding plants yourself.

4. While the snow piles up outside, re-design your gardens.

Winter is a great time to design a new garden. Read these informative Burpee articles for inspiration./p>

5. Love a gardener? They’ll appreciate a garden-inspired gift for Valentine’s Day.

Wondering what to get a garden enthusiast for Valentine’s Day? They’ll love these well-designed tools and supplies guaranteed to make their gardening a pleasure: