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Fall is finally here. Gardeners up North are squeezing in another season of planting before the cold arrives, but here in the subtropics we have nine whole months of glorious gardening up ahead.


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October in Florida provides Zone 9 gardeners the beginning of the holiday season in the garden.  From decorating the dinner table and guest bedrooms with beautiful flowers to serving traditional recipes with savory herbs, fresh from the garden, using all of your senses in the garden will help create memories for a lifetime.

1.) Plant Annuals

1. As seasonal temperatures get cooler, add your favorite Northern flowers to your tropical garden with seeds or transplants. Just think of it this way: Annuals that you plant up north in the springtime thrive in Florida during our winter months from October through March. Do you love delphiniums, foxglove, hollyhocks, pansies, and stock? Think about adding them to your containers and garden beds for a colorful display in the winter.

2.) Herbs in your garden

2. Harvest and prepare herbs, and vegetables, from one’s own garden for family meals will keep traditional recipes delicious and provide the cook with compliments at the dinner table.

  • Sage, Common, , large
  • Sage
    This shrubby herb has a distinctive rounded shape and a striking leaf texture. Sage leaf tea is useful in treating colds and for aiding digestion.
  • Lettuce
    Buy and grow lettuce seeds from including iceberg, looseleaf, romaine and more.

3.) Heirlooms – Tried and True

3. Growing plants that have been cultivated throughout the centuries provides a connection to family and quality. These non-GMO seeds and plants will thrive in the same old-fashioned way they did for your parents and grandparents.

4.) Tropical Winters and Fruit

4. Florida winter temperatures are 70 degrees one day and 35 degrees the next day. With winter season approaching, make sure that any tropical fruits, such as Key lime, papaya, and mangos, are protected from sudden freezing temperature drops. Protect your tender subtropical and tropical plants with these useful Burpee products. Strawberries can withstand frost so they can be added to your containers or raised beds now.


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5.) Garden Tools

5. Using the right garden tools are a very important part of a well-groomed garden and will aid in a gardener’s well-being. I am long-time admirer and owner of DeWit garden tools for my yard. DeWit’s heirloom quality tools will help make the day-to-day necessity of keeping your garden planted and weed-free much easier. Lifetime-guarantee.

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