Where is the rain? I have consistently asked that several times a day even though the television weather team insist that it is going to happen. Most days are hot and humid with sporadic showers in the afternoon but the vegetable garden needs consistent moisture which means it needs to be watered each morning making the afternoon shower a bonus. The garden certainly enjoys a good rain shower which always make it look much better than watering from the irrigation system. Leaves and flowers often retain some of the water droplets long enough to photograph.

Bright red Hibiscus with water droplets

Variegated Canna Pretoria with Rain Drops

Tomatoes, sweet corn and summer squash are the main crops in summer along with watermelon. I have done well with the corn, beans and tomatoes this year but the squash fell victim to the vine borer. Even with a second sowing, the borers were still active so next year I plan on protecting them a little better. The borer comes from bright orange eggs that are laid on the underside of the leaf. I did better with sweet corn and I finally harvested the last ears before taking it out from the bean bed – I hoped the beans would climb up the corn, but it ended up giving too much shade for the beans and they were failing. The corn was good though! The beans are still putting out flowers though and beans are harvested on a daily basis.

Maglia Rosa Tomato.

Bean Flower.

In the flower garden the perennial hibiscus are holding their own and flowering well. These trouble-free perennials are in their first year and are a real delight. As they grow they take advantage of the dark backdrop of the boxwood hedge. At the edge of the deck the containers with Strawberry Blonde marigolds and the new celosia are blooming.


Strawberry Blonde Marigold.

The summer garden is slowly coming to an end and I have also started my fall garden plans. Seeds of cabbages, carrots and parsnips have been sown – some in the ground and some indoors where it is cooler. They should be ready to go into the ground in a week or two.