Moving south, away from the snow zone, was a return to warm weather plants and Spanish moss. The garden is a little neglected which will give me lots to do over the summer but I am already finding things several things that do not grow in the north and that are new to me.

The first one was is a vine version of the fig tree called Creeping Fig which is on many of the walls both on this house and many homes in Charleston. The other is a delightful jasmine plant that has just put out it’s scented white flowers. The flowers mature to a light-yellow color but as a vine it is lovely right now. Roses, of course, I knew but they were blooming when we moved down here in March and although they took a break for a week or two they are back blooming again.

Roses blooming beautifully.

Jasmine flower looking pretty for spring.

One of the other delightful features of the south is the Spanish Moss draping from tree branches everywhere. I found some wire hanging baskets in a garage box have used the Spanish Moss to fill the baskets and filled it with delightful Wave Petunias. I read that soaking the moss for a few hours helps to make it more pliable and helps to keep the roots of the plants cool and moist.

Spanish moss on the trees.

'Spanish moss in a container.

With the season already underway when we arrived, I feel like I am playing catch up with summer vegetables and have yet to find out where to get materials for new raised beds. My plan B is containers where I am growing onions, potatoes, melons, squash and green beans! With these containers I will be harvesting almost as soon as my neighbors. I also went to the local library where there is a kids afterschool kids program and they were planting tomatoes, pepper, melon and even put a container watermelon seed into the raised garden they have there. A matching container has pollinators flowers in it and as the season goes by I will drop by and introduce them to the good and bad guys on the plants.

Container vegetables.

Raised container at local library.