There’s a lot happening in my garden. Spring starts with a bang! Perennials are jumping out of the ground. Spring flowers are everywhere in the yard. My garden continues to get better with age.  Some of my favorite, dependable perennials return each year, and put on their dazzling display of blooms in May. They’re very little work, spread ever so slowly, and have no pests.

Sea thrift (Armeria maritima) blooms reliably

Leopard's bane (Doronicum orientale) brightens the garden

I’ve experimented with various shades of tulips through the years. My main colors have been brilliant pink and pure white. In recent years, I’ve added a few assorted purple tulips. They complement the pinks so well! Old-fashioned euphorbia has brightened a garden bed near the street for years. This spot is exposed to road salt, harsh winds, and bad soil – and still it blooms like crazy!  That’s my kind of dependable plant.

Regal-looking purple tulips

Euphorbia is a reliable, tough plant

It’s too early to plant annual flowers and most vegetables outside in the garden because nighttime temperatures are cool and the possibility of frost still looms. In Zones 3 and 4, Memorial Day weekend has been the traditional start to gardening season. From experience, I know it’s best not to push my luck by planting seeds too early.  Many need warm soil for optimum germination. They’ll wait for the right conditions before sprouting - sometimes rotting before soil conditions are right. Patience is a virtue.

While I wait, there are many spring chores to keep me busy - raking the lawn, sifting and spreading compost, weeding, dividing perennials, fertilizing, preparing containers and window boxes, etc. Oh the joys of gardening! This is not really work. I am happy and content. Spring is here!

Sifted compost is black gold to gardeners

Well-worn, favorite garden tools