Second Summer Gardening In Zones 7 & 8

Summer is a busy time for everyone, including the gardener! Just after the spring crops are replaced by crops that enjoy the summer heat, it’s time to think about the Second Season garden.

All of the tomatoes, eggplants, and other summer vegetables you planted in spring will have grown and fruited themselves into exhaustion by mid-summer. At that point, it’s time to gear up for a second round of warm weather vegetables, followed quickly by winter vegetables.

For a second big harvest if hot you are hot weather lovers, you'll need to sow these seeds 7/15-8/15


-Lima Bean

-Summer Squash


Transplant these directly into the garden 8/1-9/1



-Sweet Peppers




These warm-weather vegetables will grow well from seed with plenty of time to produce a harvest. Sow 8/1-9/1

-Bush and Pole Beans (look for varieties that are between 50 and 70 days maturity)

-Swiss Chard

Did you know that you can plant two rounds of cool-season vegetables in our growing zones as well? At the same time you’re planting summer transplants, you’ll want to sow seed for early fall crops. Sow these seeds 8/15-9/15


-Collard Greens







-Mustard Greens




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