Second Summer Gardening In Zones 5 & 6

Summer is a busy time for everyone, including the gardener! Just after the spring crops are replaced by crops that enjoy the summer heat, it’s time to think about the Second Season garden.

Fall in the veggie garden is much more than a continuation of summer crops being protected when frost is forecast – it’s a whole garden full of great tasting vegetables like lettuce, carrots, cabbage and peas as well as kale and Brussels sprouts.

Tips for Successful Second Summer Gardening:

  1. Opposite from spring gardening, the second summer gardening calendar revolves around when the last frost is expected in your area. Find this date using the Burpee Growing Calendar and work backwards from there.
  2. Add 5-10 days to a variety’s number of day’s to maturity when planting in the fall, as shorter days and lower temperatures tend to slow growth a bit.
  3. Temperatures are often too hot for seeds to germinate outside, so fall lettuce and kales should be started indoors in the air conditioning. Transplant outdoors when the days are shorter and the worst of the heat has passed in August or September.
  4. For outdoor-sown seeds, try to stick to a shaded area, like behind a dark cloth or behind taller tender plants – like basil or squash- which will be out of the garden by the time your fall plants are maturing.

Recommended Successful Second Summer Gardening:

-Leaf Lettuce

-Snow Peas


-Brussels Sprouts


-Swiss Chard

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