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Potato Planter

Harvest delicious crops of potatoes on your patio, deck, or balcony!
It's never been this easy to grow potatoes, anywhere you want! No more digging and mounding in the garden, worrying about hard soils or cutting potatoes trying to dig them out. The Grow-Anywhere Potato Planter makes growing potatoes as easy as 1-2-3. 1. Unfold the planter container and place into the special base unit. 2. Fill with 6" of compost. 3. Plant potato tubers 2" deep. As shoots emerge about 6", repeat the process until the container is full. When plants produce tiny flowers it's time to check your potatoes: Open the door to see potatoes. If big enough, gently easy some out by hand. Enjoy your delicious new potatoes! Plants will keep producing until you have harvested the whole planter. Height 22", diameter 16.6". Made from polypropylene. Complete instructions included. Reusable. Folds for storage.
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Potato Planter
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