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Growing Blueberries

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Gardening Tip of the Day

  • During the winter, there are few flowering plants as strikingly attractive as cyclamens. Most people discard the plants when flowering halts, unaware that cyclamens can be rejuvenated to bloom again next winter and perhaps for several winters to come!
    Although subsequent blooms rarely match the first blossoming, the plants are easy to pamper and well worth saving, if only for their attractive foliage.

    When blooming has stopped and the foliage begins to yellow, place the pots on their sides in a cool, shady area, preferably a garage or garden shed. The old foliage will eventually fall off. Keep the soil barely moist to keep the corms alive. Near the end of summer or early fall, new growth will appear. Repot the corms a slightly larger pot with fresh soil, setting them at the same depth they had been in the original pot. Move the pots indoors and start watering and feeding on the same schedule as other houseplants. With luck, you’ll have wonderful winter flowers just in time for the holidays.