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Fruit Plants

sweet and scrumptious

What's lovelier than a large bowl of fresh picked fruit, fragrant and glistening? We make growing your own fresh fruits and berries as simple as it is rewarding. Burpee fruit plants are selected specially for home garden performance and yield.


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Choose below from our complete collection of fruit plants and seeds including berries, grapes, and more.

Strawberry, Earliglow

Our earliest, a top quality, high-yielding strawberry.

Raspberry, Heritage

Everbearing raspberry for fall bearing with great color, flavor, firmness and freezing quality.

Blackberry, Prime-Ark Freedom PPAF

The worlds first thornless, primocane-fruiting blackberry.

Strawberry Plants

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Soft, succulent strawberries are difficult to find store bought but they are very easy to grow.

Strawberry, Elan F1

Attractive plants bear fruit from July to October.

Strawberry, Earliglow

Our earliest, a top quality, high-yielding strawberry.

Strawberry, Sweet Charlie

The standard for Florida and southern gardens.

Blueberry Plants

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Grow blueberry plants and enjoy the luscious fruits of this native American shrub that have been cherished since colonial times. Plant at least two different varieties of blueberries for cross pollination to increase yield.

Blueberry, Pink Popcorn

Prodigal bounty of pink berries, bursting with true blueberry flavor and aroma.

Blueberry, Oneal

Southern Highbush fruiting very- early in the season.

Blueberry, Top Hat

A one-of-a kind blueberry developed at Michigan State University.

Raspberry Plants

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Grow both standard and everbearing raspberry plants to enjoy fresh fruit all summer.

Raspberry, Crimson Giant PPAF

Giant berries extend the season in cool climates.

Raspberry, Glencoe

Bumper crop of incredibly luscious gourmet raspberries.

Blackberry Plants

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Homegrown blackberries possess a delicious flavor you just can't buy from a store. This prolific fruit plant will reward you with large crops of juicy, sweet berries.

Blackberry, Triple Crown

Thornless plants produce sweet blackberries over 5 weeks.

Blackberry, Prime-Ark Freedom PPAF

The worlds first thornless, primocane-fruiting blackberry.

Blackberry, Prime-Ark 45

Produces fruits on first-year canes.
Grapes on an arbor add beauty to any landscape, and there is no better way to transform a sunny spot into a shaded retreat.

Grape, Seedless Collection

An all-star collection of sweet, seedless grapes.

Grape, Reliance Seedless

Glossy Red grapes with tender skin, juicy flesh and exceptional flavor.

Specialty Fruits

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Burpee offers a dazzling selection of unique, special fruits for your garden.

Fig, Letizia

A family heirloom brought from Italy.

Goji Berry, Sweet Lifeberry PPAF

Snack on fresh Goji berries, or enjoy dried, or mixed into pastries, smoothies and dipping sauces.

Fig, Violette de Bordeaux

Finest tasting fig, ‘produces small abundance of purple-black fruit with out of this world , sweet, rich flavor.
Growing Info

Growing Strawberries  3:15

Soft succulent strawberries are difficult to find store bought. The answer is to grow your own – too soft to ship but

Growing Raspberries  1:07

Learn how to plant and grow raspberries from Burpee's expert horticulturist.

Growing Blueberries  1:57

Delicious blueberries are easy to grow in your home garden. Watch as Dr. Mark Ehlenfeldt, USDA blueberry breeder and

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