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Sunflower Seeds

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Sunflowers are favorites with our customers because of their beautiful faces and eye-popping color. They're versatile. Create a natural screen. Fill a vase. Brighten a patio.

Sunflower Seeds


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Garden sunflowers will 'wow' the neighbors with a vast assortment of rare and unusual colors--like electric lemon, chiffon yellow, rich red, sunset orange, deep bronze and mahogany.

Sunflower, Ms. Mars

Standout variety with dark-red-to-purple flowers, leaves and stems.

Sunflower, Chianti Hybrid

Stunning wine-red velvet petals flecked with gold.

Dwarf Sunflowers

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Dwarf sunflowers are ideal for small spaces and containers during the second season; they are also great for cutting.

Sunflower, Ms. Mars

Standout variety with dark-red-to-purple flowers, leaves and stems.

Sunflower, Solar Flash Hybrid

One of the best for containers. Only 3' tall.

Sunflower, Teddy Bear

Soft, fluffy, cushion-like flowers on shorter bushy plants.


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These rare and unique charmers are unlike any other sunflowers. Unusual colors, shapes, and sizes bring interest to the garden.
Giant sunflowers are classic, towering yellows. These sunflowers also contain delicious seeds for tempting snacks.

Sunflower, Mammoth Russian

Huge heads are ideal for competition at fairs.

Sunflower, Super Snack Mix Hybrid

This sunflower produces the easiest seed to crack for snacks and they're huge.


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Pollenless sunflowers do not shed pollen, making them great cut flowers for a summer bouquet.

Sunflower Pristine Mix

Five pollen-free varieties with dazzling flowers.
Growing Info

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