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Second Season Flowers

Plant second season flowers now for colorful fall blooms including pansies, violas, mums and ornamental kale.
Enjoy happy and fragrant faces in pots, beds and in your kitchen garden for edible blooms. Sow indoors 8 weeks before last frost, again in midsummer.

Pansy, Moulin Rouge

Breakthrough introduction from Italy.

Pansy, Atlas Mix

Large and early with a full range of colors.

Pansy, Antique Shades Hybrid Mix

Antique-looking pastel shades of silky flowers.
These petite country cousins of the modern pansy are tougher in the face of cold and heat—no garden should be without them. Start indoors 7-9 weeks before last frost for flowers from spring to fall. Blooms all winter in southern parts of the country.

Viola, Johnny-Jump Up

Delicately fragrant flowers are edible and make delightful garnishes.

Viola, Psychedelic Spring

Violas dazzle in delicious colors—good enough to eat.

Viola, Amber Kiss

Bold color and knock-out fragrance!

Ornamental Kales

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Very ornamental for fall plantings and fall displays. Grows best in cool weather and tolerates light frosts.

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