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Container Flowers

thrillers, fillers, and spillers!

Burpee is proud to offer full container flowers that are already designed for you! For those of you who want to showcase your artistic skills, we also have a create-your-own option with products characterized as filler, spiller, and thrillers.

Container Flowers


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Thrillers are the tallest plant in the container and are placed in the center, so they can be seen from all around, or in the back of container as a background if we plan to place the container against the wall or in a corner.

Aster, Salmon Red

Tall, long-stemmed plants produce stunning red and salmon blooms.

Poppy, Venus

Majestic blooms flower throughout the summer.

Zinnia, Pop Art Red and Yellow

Clean and disease-resistant plants produce an abundance of large double flowers in gold and red.


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One of the most important functions of the filler is to work well together with the thriller. They are planted around the thrillers and spillers to help add volume. Plant as many plants as possible for a profuse display.

Zinnia, Queen Red Lime

Exotic and unusual bicolor zinnia.

Cosmos, Seashells Mix

Petals are like lightly fluted seashells.

Impatiens, Salmon Splash

Exclusive, highly unusual color impatiens.


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A Spillers purpose is to cover the edge of the pot and cascade down on the side reaching the ground.

Petunia, Tie Dye Hybrid

Big, ruffled blooms in tie dye patterns.

Pansy, Spreading, Plentifall Lavender Blue

Fragrant pansies for hanging baskets and borders.

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