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Fall Gardening

garlic, bulbs, fruit, perennials and more!

Extend the home gardening season by planting second season vegetables and flowers, garlic and shallots, as well as Fall planted bulbs and Perennials.


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Our widely adapted garlic are easy to grow, richly flavored and will keep up to 10 months after harvest. Try multiple varieties to discover the wonderful different flavors.

Garlic, Early Italian

Produces larger cloves than most softnecks. Better adapted to summer heat.

Garlic, Chinese Pink

Very early variety that produces a nice very compact bulb with many small cloves layered inside the bulb.

Garlic, Blanco Piacenza

Softneck artichoke variety named for a town in Northern Italy.

Spring Bulbs

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Plant this fall for blooms starting in early spring and continue for months.

Tulip, Tarafa

Classic example of lovely greigii tulip.

Tulip, Sweetheart

Most perennial tulip in the garden.

Tulip, Sundowner

Color- changing from yellow-orange to red.

Perennial Plants

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Grow Burpee's perennial plants to fill your home garden beds and borders year after year.

Echinacea Sombrero® Flamenco Orange

Water wise plant is sturdy and compact, producing high bud count.

Hellebore, Sunshine Ruffles Winter Thriller

Bright yellow blossoms with red edge on each petal.

Fruit Plants

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Burpee fruit seeds and plants are specially selected for home garden performance and yield. Order blueberry, raspberry, strawberry plants and more!

Lingonberry, Koralle

Highly praised European berry with high content of Vitamin C.

Melon, Muskateer Hybrid

The perfect one-serving melon. Early to harvest.

PawPaw, Potomac

One of the largest Pawpaw varieties.

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