Burpee Community - Cucumbers http://www.burpee.com/community/forums/cucumbers Burpee Community - Cucumbers en-US Burpee //d1l316k04n1hna.cloudfront.net/static/images/burpee-favicon.png 16 16 Burpee http://www.burpee.com/community/ <![CDATA[Whats wrong with my cucumbers?]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/653/whats-wrong-with-my-cucumbers I planted sweet sucess cucumbers. Vines look good, lots of cucumbers and blooms. After bloom dries out, the small cucumbers also dry up. Any

help would be greatly appreaciated, thanks


http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/653/whats-wrong-with-my-cucumbers June 13, 2013
March 17, 2013 March 17, 2013 <![CDATA[Growing Cucumbers]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/579/growing-cucumbers my cucumbers always start off well but soon after the leaves turn yellow and crispy and just stop growing. I use a little fertilizer but not a lot. I'm lucky to get one about 3 inches long. What am I doing wrong?

http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/579/growing-cucumbers March 17, 2013
<![CDATA[cucumber trellis...vertical or leaning]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/408/cucumber-trellisvertical-or-leaning which is better to grow cucumbers,vertical or at an angle?


http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/408/cucumber-trellisvertical-or-leaning May 4, 2012
<![CDATA[Armenian cucumber]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/564/armenian-cucumber Hi..I'm new here. Anyone familiar with the Armenian cucumber? It's also called the painted serpent,striped serpent. Any tips would be helpful. 


http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/564/armenian-cucumber February 28, 2013
<![CDATA[cucumber beetles]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/407/cucumber-beetles every year my cucumbers get DECIMATED by the cucumber beetle. i've tried the traps, rotating my beds, and nothing works. going to try row covers this year. anyone have success doing battle with these things?

http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/407/cucumber-beetles May 28, 2012