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I am joining a community garden for the first time. What can I except. It is a 10x10 plot. I moved into a Condo so I can't have a garden. What do I need to bring, look for etc.. Should I fence it (that is optional)? I brought one of everything with me from the house  hoe, rake, shovel, wheelbarrel etc. also a mantis, should I put newspaper down to compat weeds? The plot is already tilled and divided into plots, there are 68 10x10 plots. How often should I check on it? should I put fertilizer or potting soil on it before I plant? Please someone help. Thank you in advance. 

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Most community gardens have certain rules you need to follow  about fences. You will need to supply your own tools and many you have to bring water in by the watering can.  I recommend bring a chair or stool to sit and enjoy.  You should be able to newspaper as a mulch  because it breaks down in one season, but check with the community garden director or row captain. You need to check on it several times a week to make sure everything is watered and weeded. It is a great way to meet other gardeners and learn new things.



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