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Wondering if anyone wants to comment on their garden pond. We are gathering rock and wonderful things to start our project. Last year I did a pond at my daughters. It was a disaster! Too much sun exposure and not enough filtering. That pond was one of those ridged pools that held about 80 gallons.  I have been doing some thinking and now at our new house we have a spot with shade and the area has a slight down hill grade. I was wondering if we could use the natural grade instead of digging and just how much grade we will need. Perhaps we do need to dig some. We purchased a liner that is 7 x 10 and don't know if we need to go bigger or just deeper. We gathered 2 pick up loads of wonderful granite from the hills and plan on using them to edge the pond, including some pockets of soil to ad plants. Does any one know anything else we should consider? Does anyone have any experienceLaughing to share?

Thanks Ruby

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Re: Garden Ponds

Hi,Rubybegonia...have you tried going online,there is a wealth of infomation to be had online.there are pond kits that are pretty inclusive as to what you need for starting and finishing a pond,including plant material and fish.give it a try,nothing ever beat a failure but a try.



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