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Last years garlic cloves

Harvested this years garlic which leaves me with the remainder of last years crop within storage.  I never throw the old cloves out - its

a little time consuming but i remove the covering of the individual cloves and there will be a green sprout growing in the center.  Next i take a sharp small knife and slit the clove cutting the green sprout in half - open the split clove and remove any of the green sprout    and save the remainder in a zip lock bag or small dish.

After all cloves have been examined and the sprouts remove - i chop the cloves using a small chopper - mine is about a one cup Rival chopper and its so handy and easy to use.  Place the chopped garlic pieces in a pint or quart jar - and cover  with olive oil - over with a canning lid and place a securing ring to the jar.. 

Next i place the container in the refrigerator and use when ever garlic is sought in a recipe - the head cook in this house loves how easy it is to use when needed....

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