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replant cuttings

what is the best way to replant the cuttings from the herb rosemary?

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Re: replant cuttings

To root rosemary cuttings, mix 25% potting soil with 75% coarse sand in a well-draining container near bright light but not direct sun light.  Dampen the mix.  Take 4" to 5" cuttings from the ends of a mature stock plant using a sharp cutting tool.  Strip the lower leaves from each cutting.  Poke a hole in the potting mix just big enough for each cutting and insert the cutting about an inch in.  Keep the soil moist (but not wet) and lightly warm (a heating mat is best for this).  In about a month, check for roots by lightly tugging on each cutting.  Resistance usually indicates roots.  Up-pot plants into individual containers when they have enough roots.    



Result Count: 1