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Last summer voles ate my carrots and also some rose roots.I'm looking for a safe  and organic way to get rid of voles.

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Re: voles

Thank you for writing.  Voles, sometimes called field mice, are quite a problem.  They are shallow burrowers (this is how they differ from moles: moles dig down more deeply, subsequently kicking out more earth just outside their holes.  Moles are also insectivores) and voracious vegetative eaters.  They girdle young plants and trees at ground level, clear cut young vegetables and eat fleshy roots.  They also make those paths in lawns visible only when the snow melts.  Burpee offers a spray repellent labelled for moles.  Because voles do not dig down as deeply as other rodent pests, setting a fine-meshed chicken wire around young plants and into the ground about a foot will frustrate the little critters.  This will not save your lawns.  The best vole control is to encourage the presence of their natural predators, predominently owls, hawks, foxes, and minks.



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