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grafted tomatoes

I'd like to hear from people who have grown -- or tried to! -- grafted tomatoes. How did they do for you? Any problems? And are they worth the extra price? I have very limited space but love tomatoes. I use a 4x8 raised bed and can do 2-4 tomato plants, depending on size and habit. (I like to grow other things, too!) Trying to make up my mind. Thanks

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Re: grafted tomatoes

Before becoming a Burpee horticulturist, I managed a property in Rhode Island.  There, a coworker in his seventies was an advid home gardener who had tremendous success with his tomtaoes every year.  Last year, he "trialed" grafted tomatoes next to his favorite heirlooms and hybrids.  He could not stop raving all summer-  he loved them better than his favorites!  They were vigorous the second he put them in the ground; and they were so productive: he shared his bounty with the staff (he loved to show off his produce) and everyone agreed that they were the best tasting tomatoes he had ever brought in. 

Every experience with a new variety or hybrid will be different, but Johnny D was excited to convert all his tomtaoes to grafted tomatoes this year.  For me, that could not be a higher recommendation.



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